2008 Mission Investment Projects

Each year the portion of Sabbath School Mission Investment Funds that are received by the North American Division are allocated to projects in two of our nine Unions on a rotating basis. The Mid-America and Pacific Unions projects will receive Investment funds that come in during 2008.

Mid-America Union (2 projects)

The first project is the "Custer County Evangelism Center" sponsored by the Dakota Conference. The Evangelism Center and new church plant will focus on evangelism and disciple-making within Hermosa, Custer County, South Dakota. While some church members live in the area, there is no official presence in this county. It is one of the two fastest growing areas in South Dakota. Lifestyle evangelism will be a major emphasis by this Center and church. The leaders of this project will involve lay persons to carry on the primary outreach programs. It is hoped that this project will be a model for other work in the Dakotas.

A large Native American population resides in this target area as well. Project leaders will make intentional efforts to assist this community with health education and lifestyle programs as well. The Mid-America Union and Dakota Conference leaders are exited about working together with lay persons on this important project.

The second Mid-America Investment project is the "Rapid City, South Dakota Church Plant." It is also sponsored by the Dakota Conference. The Mid-America Union is working with its local conferences to assist in the establishment of a church in every city in its territory with a population base of 40,000 or more. The Rapid City, South Dakota area has a metro population of more than 138,000. Rapid City is known as the gateway to the Black Hills.

The goal of this project is to establish a healthy permanent Seventh-day Adventist church where there is not one presently. Plans call for the cooperation of the Union, the Dakota Conference and nearby lay members who will work together to establish a church with a community outreach emphasis and regular evangelistic endeavors.

Pacific Union (2 projects)

The first project is the "Native American Discipling & Equipping Institute" in Monument Valley, Utah. The goal of the leaders of this project is to establish a training/multipurpose center for the purpose of training and educating capable Native Americans to promote church growth and evangelism throughout the Navajo Reservation. The Navajo Reservation covers a vast area that extends into the states of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico , covering over 27,000 square miles, and is larger than 10 of the 50 states in America. There are over 300,000 Native Americans living across this vast territory. Presently, there are only two ordained Seventh-day Adventist pastors serving this important population group.

The leaders of this project plan to educate and train young Native Americans as pastors, evangelists, teachers, Bible workers and youth workers who will fill major roles in bringing the gospel to this area. Presently only 15% of this population group are Christian. The total current Adventist population is around 300 persons.

The second project in the Pacific Union is the "Vietnamese Publishing House and Ministry." This project is being spearheaded by the El Monte Vietnamese Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Southern California Conference. The goal of the leaders of this project is to establish a publishing ministry in the Vietnamese language for the Vietnamese people living in Southern California, across the North American Division, and around the world.

With the fall of Saigon, the Vietnamese Adventist churches, publishing work and other entities were shut down. Since then there has been no coordinated effort to prepare materials for Vietnamese people, many of whom fled to the United States after the war. Currently there are more than 2 million Vietnamese people living in the U.S. and more than 90 million living in Vietnam. The El Monte Vietnamese Seventh-day Adventist Church has assumed responsibility for printing materials to reach these groups. They plan to print the Sabbath School quarterlies and Spirit of Prophecy books in the Vietnamese language. This project is already underway but needs assistance from us to enhance and enlarge the program to be able to respond to the urgent needs of the Vietnamese people.