2012 Mission Investment Projects

Each year the portion of Sabbath School Mission Investment Funds that are received by the North American Division are allocated to projects in two of our nine Unions on a rotating basis.  The investment funds that are received in 2012 will go to projects in the Atlantic Union and Pacific Union.

Atlantic Union Projects

Save the Children, Save the World (Future)
The Greater New York Conference has targeted churches and schools in New York City.  Outreach will be in the form of health/obesity prevention classes, after school mentoring, counseling, and teaching family values.  The purpose is to facilitate the process of having local churches make a bigger impact in the community.  These seminars and activities in urban areas will help meet the needs of children and families that live in the city.  The goal is to offer a better life for children that reflects a friendly relationship between the church and community.  The classes will enhance the quality of life and offer a brighter future.

Light America Mission
The Southern New England Conference plans to target the largest metropolitan city in Massachusetts -- Worcester and the Framingham area.  The intention of this project is to foster evangelism by training lay members and equipping them with evangelistic tools that can be used to reach people.  The 40-Day Prayer Program will be used for reviving the membership.  Reaching the community will involve 12 churches, 25 students from Light America Mission, 6 Bible workers, 2 evangelists per church, in three languages.  Activities will include small groups, Bible studies, and public evangelism.  The goal is to baptize 150 new members.

Pacific Union Projects 

Public High School Student Discipleship Center
The Northern California Conference has targeted Adventist students in public high schools through the initiative Public High School Ministries in the Lodi English Oaks SDA Church.  The High School campus ministry is designed to develop a public high school student discipleship network and to help graduating students transition to college.  It will help students stay connected to their church and faith by meeting their spiritual needs.

San Diego Refugee Assimilation Project
The Paradise Valley SDA Church represents 32 different nationalities.  They operate the Paradise Valley Community Services Center in an area where 90,000 refugees live in the county of San Diego.  The Community Center has developed programs to assimilate these refugees into US culture through language skills, health skills, and job readiness.  These activities will serve as a model of  ministry that can be used across the nation to reach the influx of refugees by meeting their physical needs and winning their hearts to Jesus.