Worthington Foods UPC/Label Investment Guidelines


The following information is given for the benefit of local church and conference investment leaders regarding the Kelloggs reimbursement for UPC - bar code labels from their products.

Process at the Local Church:

1. UPC/Bar Code Labels from Worthington, Loma Linda, Morningstar Farms, and Natural Touch are collected by church members (removed from the product wrapping) and brought to your local church to support the Mission Investment Program.

2. The investment leader counts the labels quarterly and prepares a Church Report Form (PDF). This form is sent to your local conference office to the attention of the Investment leader. Mail to: Trish Ballard, Ministerial & SS Ministries, 19800 Oatfield Road, Gladstone, OR 97027.

3. The labels remain at the local church. You no longer have to send the labels anywhere. Kelloggs has asked that the local church keep the labels that have been reported for one year in case any verification is needed. Then, the following year the labels can be destroyed and the next year's labels saved. Each label that is reported on the form will be reimbursed by Kelloggs for Mission Investment at 5 cents each.

4. Please do not contact Kelloggs with questions about the label program. They have asked that you contact either your local conference office, 503.850.3500 or the North American Division Stewardship department, 301.680.6432.

Thanks to all who are making this program a success!