Oregon Church Consulting Service (OCCS)

The Oregon Church Consulting Service (OCCS) is a tool offered by the Oregon Conference Ministerial Department to help your church understand it's strengths and growth areas. It provides a method for receiving outside input and insight from colleagues and lay leaders. You can view the PowerPoint presentation for OCCS, by clicking here.

Why have OCCS?

Need for evaluation

Churches slip into a maintenance mode very easily

The opportunity to look at your church through new eyes

Increase credibility with lay leaders

What Happens Before an OCCS Weekend?

Mystery guests are sent to the church

Demographics are collected

Church members complete NCD survey

Other pastors and lay leaders are scheduled for the OCCS weekend

What Happens During an OCCS Weekend?

NCD profile is presented

OCCS visitation team gives report

Local church shares dreams and direction

Church looks at minimum factor and begins process of growth in that area

What Happens Following an OCCS Weekend?

Church board continues discussion of consultation report

Evaluation of OCCS process is given to the Ministerial Department

Within a year another NCD survey is taken

Church grows naturally!

How to Sign Up for OCCS

Church board votes to request OCCS

Church submits an OCCS Request Form (linked below) and $200 to the Oregon Conference Ministerial Department

The church and Ministerial Department set the date for the consultation weekend