Out of District Policy

Thank you for your unique role in leading members in ministry in this Conference. As we strive to support you, I am asking for your cooperation in the following areas:

Please Report in Advance

1. Report in advance to the VP of Administration's office ( or 503-850-3520) when you plan to be out of district. This information will be recorded in a way we can access at any time. (Your monthly expense report will report the actual days taken.) This applies to:

a. Regular vacation or other personal days

- No Administrative Council approval is needed - just email or call us in administration.

b. Requests for your services from elsewhere

- These need to be approved by AdCo

- An email/letter from the group requesting your services should also be submitted in advance to AdCo for approval.

- The guideline is one Sabbath a quarter for this, with a maximum of twice a year.

c. Mission Trips

- These need to be approved by AdCo for reasons that include your Adventist Risk Management needs.

- This needs to be processed well in advance and you are further urged to purchase additional insurance coverage to what is basically provided. Simona Cardwell ( can give more details in this regard.

- The guideline is for a maximum of one two-week trip per year as part of the mission of your congregation(s).