Out of District Policy

Thank you for your unique role in leading members in ministry in this Conference. As we strive to support you, I am asking for your cooperation in the following areas:

Please Report in Advance

1. Report in advance to the VP of Administration's office ( or 503-850-3520) when you plan to be out of district. This information will be recorded in a way Dave can access at any time. (Your monthly expense report will report the actual days taken.) This applies to:

a. Regular vacation or other personal days

- No Administrative Council approval is needed - just email or call Jessica.

b. Requests for your services from elsewhere

- These need to be approved by AdCo

- An email/letter from the group requesting your services should also be submitted in advance to AdCo for approval.

- The guideline is one Sabbath a quarter for this, with a maximum of twice a year.

c. Mission Trips

- These need to be approved by AdCo for reasons that include your Adventist Risk Management needs.

- This needs to be processed well in advance and you are further urged to purchase additional insurance coverage to what is basically provided. Angelina Wood can give more details in this regard.

- The guideline is for a maximum of one two-week trip per year as part of the mission of your congregation(s).

Mark Your Calendar

2. Please take note of firm appointments on each year's calendar. These include:

a. Camp Meeting and associated camp pre-pitch, pitch and ditch days

Pre-Camp Pitch: July 17

Hispanic CM: July 10-12

Camp Pitch: July 13-14

General CM: July 15-19

Camp Ditch: July 20

b. Area Pastor Conferences (APC's) in your area

April 8 - Vancouver Church

April 9 - Portland (Holden Center)

April 15 - Eugene Church

April 16 - Medford Church

c. Town Hall meetings in your area, with corresponding pastor meetings

d. Pastors Meetings (Twin Rocks, Pastors' Pre Summit meetings, etc.)

Twin Rocks - September 22-24

3. Other calendar events every four or five years:

a. NPUC pre-constituency ministerial meetings (2016)

b. Conference constituency meetings (2017)

Thank you for working with us in these matters and a special thank you to those who have been following these requirements so faithfully.

Dave Allen
Vice President for Administration
Oregon Conference